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bullet Steam Boilers (Oil/Gas/Electric)
bullet Thermic Fluid Heater (Oil/Gas/Electric/Coal/Solar)  
bullet Hot Air Generator (Oil/Gas)  
bullet Hot Water Generator (Oil/Gas/Electric)  
bullet Press-Water Heater (Oil/Gas/Electric)  
bullet Heat Recovery Unit  
bullet Boiler Spares/Accessories  
bullet Others  


• Process heating equipments in our manufacturing range are coil type,    forced through circulation type, capable of quick starting and    stopping.
• There is no storage of kinetic energy thus leaving no scope for    explosion hazards.
• All the burners are pressure jet, forced draught, spark ignited and fully    automatic.
• The products are equipped with top safety controls.
• The unique multi-start coil is designed to offer minimum pressure drop    allowing it to consume low power for optimum mass circulation.
• The double coil assembly is designed to achieve 3 passes of fuel    gasses and maximum resident time and therefore making the highest    possible heat transfer.
• This makes the equipment energy efficient consistently.
• The jacket between inner and outer shell and aluminum heat refractor    is provided to preheat the combustion air by utilizing the waste heat    and keeps the outer surface of the outer shell cool without insulation.
• A feed-water, preheated, cum waste heat recovery unit, makes our    steam boilers 4 pass and therefore a super fuel savior.
• The waste heat recovery unit has an inbuilt bypass duct and an    isolating damper, to felicitate bypassing the same in an event of    abnormal working to avoid down time.
• All our products are available in vertical and horizontal version to suite    customer’s site conditions.

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